©PEOBENGTSSON_120721-010102_FPB_4226_GRUND+ORIn the beginning of 2008 Noisebud was all about gritty club music. Producer, DJ and sound engineer Johannes Ahlberg and producer and composer Sol Andersson joined forces and over time Noisebud’s anarchistic approach to music, art and life itself slowly started to evolve into something bigger. An entity of it’s own, a Noisebud.

The Noisebud can pretty much do whatever it likes and not care about anyone or anything else.
It initiates and participates in collaborations, art projects & develop music software. But most of all the Noisebud enjoys making groovy noise and perform them live.
Noisebud don’t believe in limits, rules and legislations, therefore there are no musical do’s and don’ts on their records or live performances.  The thing you can be sure of is that no record or performance will sound as the last.

If you want to know more about Noisebud visit our blog:  http://noisebud.wordpress.com/

Or our site: http://www.noisebud.se